15 Astonishing Facts About National Treasure's Historic Preakness Win

By Jaya Barman

21 May 2023

Bob Baffert, known for his exceptional horsemanship, secured his eighth Preakness victory with National Treasure, cementing his status as one of the greatest trainers in the history of the sport.

National Treasure's victory was the result of a strong partnership between Baffert and jockey Mike Smith, who flawlessly executed their race strategy to secure the prestigious victory.

National Treasure boasts an impressive pedigree, going back to famous predecessors like Secretariat and Man and War. 

At just three years old, National Treasure's victory in the Preakness marked a pivotal moment in the horse's promising career, propelling it to the forefront of racing greatness.

In a neck-and-neck fight for the finish line, the National Treasure displayed her unmatched determination, leaving the audience in awe of her unwavering spirit.

National Treasure's extraordinary speed led to a record-breaking time for the Preakness, etching its name into the annals of horse racing history.

Behind the scenes, National Treasure's path to victory was filled with trials and tribulations, making the win all the more poignant and inspiring for his dedicated team.

Overcoming unexpected challenges during the race, National Treasure demonstrated his adaptability and resilience, proving his mettle as a true champion.

Baffert's unwavering faith in National Treasure, along with meticulous training and preparation, played a vital role in the horse's winning journey.

The electric atmosphere at the Preakness Race Course added an extra layer of excitement to National Treasure's historic win, as passionate fans roared their support.

National Treasure's win sparked a new passion for horse racing among aspiring jockeys, trainers and enthusiasts, inspiring dreams of greatness in the hearts of many.