How to Increase Breast Milk Naturally at Home- 23 Best foods

One of the most common stressors for new mothers is low breast milk production. Here are some tips to increase breast milk naturally at home. Mothers describe feelings of inadequacy and frustration when trying to breastfeed their babies. Early motherhood is hard enough. So, I wanted to provide some resources for all the new mamas out there to help with this dilemma.

how to increase breast milk naturally at home- 29 Best foods

Ayurveda to Increase Breast Milk Naturally

I realize this is a totally sensitive topic for new moms, but if you want to ask some natural recommendations of your own, feel free to see if any of the below resonate. Try some of these simple and holistic guidelines to increase milk supply.

1. Add Fennel to Your Diet

Fennel is most useful for new mothers when it mimics warm, grounding properties. Consequently, I recommend roasting or steaming the plant. You can also bake bread or pastries with fennel seeds inside the batter. Later, you can make tea from fennel seeds. Just follow the above recipe and replace fenugreek seeds with fennel seeds. Fennel is best for Increase Breast Milk Naturally.

2. Add Fenugreek to Your Diet

Fenugreek is a plant with seeds that can be used as an herb to flavor food everywhere internationally. You can order it online or find it at a nearby grocery store. In small doses, fenugreek can stimulate milk production. Try adding it to your cooked meals or even make a tea out of it. Fenugreek Increase Breast Milk Naturally.

3. Consume Lactation Enhancing Foods

As we discussed earlier, postpartum is a dry and cold quality. To stabilize that dryness we want to feature warm, hydrating and nourishing foods in the diet plan. A few examples for Increase Breast Milk Naturally fantastic dairy products, clear candy foods like oats, saffron, ghee (clarified butter), coconut oil, garlic, dates, olive oil, and candy potatoes.

4. Apply Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary oil activates rasa or lymph, which can lead to higher milk production. I suggest taking 1-2 drops of essential oil and using it around the breasts, breastbones, underarms and clavicles. I would avoid applying it to the nipple all at once as the smell and smell will be too strong when the baby is breastfeeding. If you’re worried about the smell, you can usually dilute the rosemary with coconut oil. Rosemary Essential Oil helps to Increase Breast Milk Naturally.

What foods can reduce milk supply?

Whether you’re experiencing low milk supply or need to reduce milk production, this list of foods that decrease milk supply may help.

Some of these are:

  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Medications
  • Alcohol
  • Premature childbirth
  • Eating certain foods and herbs


Peppermint oil is known to reduce breast milk production. Women take it in various forms, including peppermint sweets, peppermint tea, or oil for immediate relief of fever, complications, and more.

Jasmine Flowers

Studies have shown that jasmine plant life can also harm the milk production process. Even if freshly picked plant life is beaten and applied to the breasts, they significantly reduce breast milk production in girls.


Parsley is a diuretic and a completely cleansing herb that people like to eat after their meals. Due to its diuretic nature, it can cause frequent urination and dehydration.


Sage can also reduce breast milk in mothers who have breastfed for more than 12 months with controlled milk supply.

Causes of low breast milk supply

Hormonal or endocrine problems

Perhaps you have polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos), under or over thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension) or hormonal problems that make it difficult to conceive. Any of these problems can contribute to low milk supply because milk production depends on hormonal signals sent to the breast.

Previous breast surgery

Breast surgery treatment can be completed for both medical and cosmetic purposes. Breast reduction or enlargement, as an example, is increasingly not uncommon. Nipple piercing can also be considered a form of breast surgery and can damage the milk ducts of the breast.

Using hormonal birth control

Many mothers who breastfeed and take the management pill no longer trade their milk production, but for some, any form of hormonal manipulation at the start (tablets, patches or injections) can cause a drastic drop in their milk supply.

Taking certain medications or herbs

Pseudoephedrine (the active ingredient in Sudafed and similar blood thinners), metherzine, bromocriptine, or large amounts of sage, parsley, or peppermint can have an overactive effect on your milk.

  • Not feeding at night
  • Scheduling feedings
  • Birth medications or jaundice
  • Supplementation

Meditation to Increase Breast Milk Naturally

Get safe Find a safe, quiet location where you won’t be disturbed. (This is a great time to intervene and name your partner to keep your peace.) Attach your breast pump (or pump if you’re double-pumping) and find your most comfortable vacuum.

Check your frame. As you breathe in and out, examine your frame from head to toe, observe anxiety and release it. Keep breathing and awareness of your breathing if your mind wanders.

Be kind to yourself. You’ve got a lot of distractions in your life right now, a lot of duties and your mind may try to show you thoughts that stress you out. All correct. Create a sound of thought after which slowly bring your attention back to your breath. Repeat daily.

Pay attention to your breath. Acknowledging your interest in your eyes and in the upward thrust and fall of your breath. Breathe deeply, and as you exhale imagine the strain and anxiety leaving your frame.

For best rewards, repeat this exercise at least twice in the afternoon for twenty minutes.

Breast Massage to Increase Breast Milk Naturally

There are two steps to stimulating your breasts for breastfeeding: Using your fingertips, very lightly rub your breasts from the pinnacle back and up to the nipple. Then press firmly on your nipple and massage in a circular motion to encourage milk near your breast.

Foods to avoid during breastfeeding

  • chocolate
  • Citrus juices
  • foods containing citric acid
  • Soft drinks
  • coffee
  • black tea
  • green tea
  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Chastberry

Best food For increase breast milk naturally

  • Oatmeal
  • barley
  • Apricots
  • the carrot
  • fenugreek
  • garlic
  • Alfalfa
  • fennel
  • cumin seeds
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • gourd
  • salmon fish
  • chickpeas
  • tofu
  • Holy mint
  • sesame seeds
  • cashew nuts
  • Flaxseed
  • ginger
  • fungus
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • curry leaves
  • turmeric
Disclaimer The information on this site is for educational purposes only, It is not intended to be a substitute for treatment by a healthcare professional. Readers should seek medical advice for any of their problems.

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