Sabse jyada protein kisme hota hai | 18 Best High protein foods,

The human body’s most important nutrient is Protein. They can be one of the building blocks of body tissue and can also act as a fuel source. protein provides equal energy density to carbohydrates. Here are Some High protein foods below. yah savaal har kisi ke man mein uthata haie Sabse jyada protein kisme hota hai.

Best High protein foods- Sabse jyada protein kisme hota hai

1. Eggs

An egg contains 6 grams of the stuff, each of the nine “essential” amino acids, the building blocks of protein. This is important because they cannot be made by your body on its alone. Egg whites contain about 50% protein and a small portion of fat and cholesterol. Eggs are one of the high protein foods.

Egg Nutrition facts

  • 75 calories
  • 7 grams protein
  • 5 grams fat
  • 1.6 grams saturated fat

2. Almonds

Sabse jyada protein kisme hota hai
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Almonds are full of nutrients and High protein foods that are good for you and your body. If you want to strengthen your heart, your bones or your drive, almonds can help you.
Eating too many nuts is not difficult and means you are getting more calories and fat than you should. A healthy serving is ¼ cup or about 23 nuts.

Almonds Nutrition facts

  • 165 calories
  • 6 grams protein
  • 14 grams fat
  • 6 grams carbohydrates
  • 3 grams fiber

3. Chicken breast

Sabse jyada protein kisme hota hai
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Chicken breast is an decent source of lean protein. Maximum of the calories in chicken breast come from protein. Those who eat adequate amounts of protein are more likely to keep up maintain muscle mass and preserve a healthy metabolism. Since chicken breasts are versatile and relatively reasonable, it’s a good idea to add chicken to a balanced, healthy eating plan.

Chicken breast Nutrition facts

  • Calories: 284
  • Protein: 53.4 grams.
  • Carbohydrates: 0 g.
  • Fat: 6.2 grams.

4. Cottage cheese

Sabse jyada protein kisme hota hai
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Cottage cheese is an awesome source of calcium and High protein foods, a mineral that performs a major role in tooth and bone health and the prevention of osteoporosis. It additionally helps you manage your blood pressure and may even play a role in preventing certain cancers, such as prostate cancer.

Cottage cheese Nutrition facts

  • Calories: 163.
  • Protein: 28 grams.
  • Carbohydrates: 6.2 g.
  • Fat: 2.3 grams.

5. Greek yogurt

Sabse jyada protein kisme hota hai
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Greek yogurt different from other yogurts because it goes through a straining process to remove the ash. Whey is a liquid that contains lactose, a natural sugar determined in milk. Greek yogurt is a famous dairy product. Greek is also a high protein foods.

Greek yogurt Nutrition facts

  • Calories: 146.
  • Protein: 20 grams.
  • Fat: 3.8 grams.
  • Carbs: 7.8 grams.

6. Milk

Milk is one of the most nutritious drinks in the global. It is not only rich in great-quality protein but also an significant source of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, vitamin B12 and riboflavin. Because of this, it can reduce your risk of osteoporosis and lower blood pressure.

Milk Nutrition facts

  • Calories: 149.
  • Protein: 8 grams.
  • Fat: 8 grams.
  • Carbohydrates: 12 grams.
  • Sugar: 12 grams.

7. Fish

Fish is full of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2 (riboflavin). Fish is wealthy in calcium and phosphorus and the best source of high protein foods, and minerals such as iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium. Fish should be eaten at least twice a week in increments as part of a healthy diet plan.

Fish Nutrition facts

  • Calories: 280
  • Fat: 12.5g
  • Sodium: 86mg
  • Protein: 39.2g.

8. Protein powders

Protein powder is a popular nutritional supplement. Protein is an important essential macronutrient that helps build muscle, repair tissue, and produce enzymes and hormones. Consuming high protein foods can help weight loss, and help people tone their muscles.

9. Peanuts and peanut butter

Sabse jyada protein kisme hota hai
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Peanut butter is a good source of copper, a mineral that helps maintain bone health, immunity and blood vessels. Some studies show that getting enough copper in your diet can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and heart disease.

Peanut Nutrition facts

  • Calories: 207
  • Protein: 9 grams
  • Fat: 18 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 6 grams
  • Protein: 9 grams
  • Fiber: 3 grams
  • Sugar: 1 gram

10. Pumpkin seeds

Sabse jyada protein kisme hota hai
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Pumpkin seeds offer food with a piece of crunch and lots of protein. Pumpkin Seeds and nuts are among the high protein foods vegetarian in India. Pumpkin seeds are wealthy in protein and antioxidants, which can help reduce stress.

Pumpkin seeds Nutrition facts

  • Carbs: 3 g.
  • Protein: 8.6 g.
  • Fat: 14 g.
  • Fiber: 1.7 g.

11. Soybean and Soy Milk

Sabse jyada protein kisme hota hai
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Soybeans can be used as a staple in vegetables, snacks, pulses and salads. Soy milk, made from filtered water and soybeans, has many benefits for switching from cow’s milk. These two protein-rich foods are popular among vegans in India.

Soybeans Nutrition facts

  • Calories: 172
  • Water: 63%
  • Protein: 18.2 grams
  • Carbs: 8.4 grams
  • Sugar: 3 grams
  • Fiber: 6 grams
  • Fat: 9 grams

12. Chickpeas or Chana

Sabse jyada protein kisme hota hai
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Chickpeas are considered a protein power house. Chickpeas contain protein, nutrients and minerals that help to live healthy, strong and fit. Chickpeas and legumes are decent protein Indian foods which might be delicious in salads or curries.

Chickpeas Nutrition facts

  • Calories: 210
  • Fat: 3.8g
  • Sodium: 322mg
  • Carbohydrates: 35g
  • Fiber: 9.6g
  • Sugars: 6g
  • Protein: 10.7g

13. Black Beans

Sabse jyada protein kisme hota hai

Black beans are a best source of protein and fiber. Black beans also contain best amounts of folate. Black beans have a low glycemic index. When eaten with rice, black beans reduce the sugar spike caused by eating rice.

Black beans Nutrition facts

  • Calories: 114.
  • Protein: 8 grams.
  • Fat: 0 grams.
  • Carbohydrates: 20 grams.
  • Fiber: 7 grams.
  • Sugar: 0 grams.

14. Kidney Beans or Rajma

Sabse jyada protein kisme hota hai
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Kidney beans are best in high protein foods, carbohydrates and fiber and are also low in fat. Rajma-chawal is a excellent protein Indian dish that is home made and is typically served with boiled or steamed rice.

Kidney beans Nutrition facts

  • Calories: 105.
  • Protein: 7 grams.
  • Fat: 1 gram.
  • Carbohydrates: 19 grams.
  • Fiber: 7 grams.
  • Sugars: 2 grams

15. Vegetables and Fruits

18 Best High protein foods, Sabse jyada protein kisme hota hai
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high protein foods green vegetables in India include spinach, potatoes, broccoli and asparagus. Additionally, sweet potato is one of India’s favorite protein-rich vegetables with its high protein content.
Bananas, guavas and some berries are high in protein.

16. Chia Seeds

Sabse jyada protein kisme hota hai
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Chia seeds contain protein. Also, they are wealthy in calcium, magnesium, iron and omega-3 fatty acids which can maintain you fit. Known in India, this protein-rich food has become popular most of the fitness-conscious.

Chia seeds Nutrition facts

  • 140 calories,
  • 5 grams protein
  • 10 grams fiber
  • 12 grams carbohydrates
  • 9 grams fat

17. Nuts

Almonds, peanuts, and cashews are among the protein-rich Indian foods and high protein foods. Nuts are best in protein and must always be included in the list of protein foods.

Nuts Nutrition facts

  • Calories: 170
  • Fat: 15 grams
  • Protein: 6 grams
  • Carbs: 6 grams
  • Fiber: 3 grams

18. Oats

Oats, as you may know, are superfoods and high protein foods. They are wealthy in protein, and they include a high percentage of soluble fiber.

Oats Nutrition facts

  • 51 grams carbs
  • 13 grams protein
  • 5 grams fat
  • 8 grams fiber in 1 cup
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