Amazing fruit that helps in recovery from dengue

recovery from dengue Viral fever is no longer confined to any particular season and the number of cases increases with time. For faster healing and strengthening of immunity, it is important to keep a conscious diet and consume foods that are strong in vitamins and nutrients. While patients are advised to get proper rest and drink plenty of fluids to speed recovery and prevent dehydration, there are some super foods that help one regain energy.

Amazing fruit that helps in recovery from dengue


According to various studies, kiwi fruit has been proven to have a strong therapeutic effect on dengue fever and other accompanying symptoms. It contains copper, which is especially important for making healthy red blood cells and boosting immunity. It is a rich source of potassium, vitamin E and vitamin A which maintain the body’s electrolyte balance. We can also talk about immunity since kiwi contains a lot of vitamin C and natural immunity is important to fight against seasonal illnesses.


Pomegranate stands out for its high iron content. It helps maintain a healthy blood platelet count, which is essential for recovery from i. Its use has an overall positive effect on the body; It combats fatigue and exhaustion, which are common in dengue and persist for weeks after recovery from the acute phase.

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Citrus organic products prove valuable for dengue patients. Malta has anti-cancer agents and a high group of vitamin C. Patients with dengue infection are susceptible to dehydration and malta helps the body stay hydrated while fighting fatigue and boosts immunity. Adding a cup of malta juice to a patient’s daily diet can significantly boost their immune system.


Papaya extract is a good source of the digestive enzymes papain and chymopapain, which aid digestion, stop bloating and treat other digestive problems. Papaya is a strongly prescribed solution to fight dengue and is widely consumed. 30 ml of fresh papaya leaf juice helps in treating dengue by increasing platelet count.

Coconut water

It is a natural source of water that gives essential minerals and electrolytes. In most cases, dehydration follows dengue and coconut water contains enough minerals and salts to keep the body hydrated. Drinking plenty of fluids is recommended for speedy recovery and coconut water is an essential and readily available fluid that helps the body heal faster.

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dragon fruit

It is a rich source of vitamin C besides being packed with powerful antioxidants, high fiber and iron content. It helps in cell sensitization of patients and protection against dengue hemorrhagic fever. Dengue fever often causes severe bone pain and the mythical snake extract helps restore bone strength and increases hemoglobin due to its powerful cell strengthening properties.

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