10 Best Banana Nutrition Facts

Banana Nutrition Facts

Banana is one of the major food crops in the world. They come from a family of plants called Musa that are native to Southeast Asia and grow in many warmer regions of the world. Bananas are a healthy source of fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C and a variety of antioxidants and phytonutrients.
Many types and sizes exist.

Banana Nutrition Facts

Banana nutrients
  • Calories: 89
  • Water: 75%
  • Protein: 1.1 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 22.8 g
  • Sugar: 12.2 grams
  • Fiber: 2.6 grams
  • Fat: 0.3 grams

Bananas are a rich source of carbohydrates, mainly found as starch in ripe bananas and sugars in unripe bananas. Banana carbohydrates change drastically during ripening. Green bananas contain up to 80% starch measured by dry weight. During ripening, starch is converted to sugars and less than 1% of the banana is fully ripe. The most commonly recognized sugars in prepared bananas are sucrose, fructose, and glucose. Bananas have a relatively low glycemic index (GI) of 42-58, depending on ripeness. GI is a measure of how quickly carbohydrates in food enter your bloodstream and raise blood sugar. The high content of safe starch and fiber in bananas means they have a low GI.


A high proportion of the starch in unripe bananas is resistant starch, which passes through your intestines. In your digestive tract, this starch is matured by bacteria to form butyrate, a short-chain unsaturated fat that appears to beneficially affect gut health. Like gelatin, bananas are a decent source of various types of fiber. Some pectin in bananas is soluble in water. As bananas ripen, the proportion of water-soluble pectin increases, which is one of the main reasons bananas soften with age. Both gelatin and safe starch moderate the ascent in blood sugar after a meal.

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Vitamins and minerals

Bananas are a decent source of different vitamins and minerals, especially potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C.

potassium. Bananas are a good source of potassium. A diet high in potassium can lower blood pressure in people with high levels and is beneficial for heart health.
Vitamin B6. Bananas are rich in vitamin B6. A medium-sized banana can provide up to 33% of the daily value (DV) of this vitamin. bananas are source of vitamin C.

Heart health

Heart disease is the most well-known reason for sudden death in the world. Bananas are plentiful in potassium, a mineral that further develops heart health. A medium-sized of banana contains about 0.4 grams of this mineral. According to a large analysis of many studies, a daily intake of 1.3-1.4 grams of potassium is associated with a 26% lower risk of heart disease.
Also, bananas contain antioxidant flavonoids that are associated with a significant reduction in the risk of heart disease.

Digestive health

Unpeeled, green bananas contain substantial amounts of resistant starch and pectin, which are types of dietary fiber. Resistant starches and pectins act as prebiotic nutrients, supporting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. In your stomach, these fibers are fermented by beneficial bacteria to form butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that improves gut health.

Banana downsides

There are mixed opinions about whether bananas are really great for people with type 2 diabetes. The facts confirm that bananas are high in starch and sugar. Thus, one might expect them to cause a large increase in blood sugar. But because of their low GI, moderate consumption of bananas may not raise blood sugar levels like other high-carb foods. It said that diabetic patients should avoid eating large amounts of ripe bananas. It is always best to monitor blood sugar levels carefully after consuming high amounts of sugar and carbohydrates.

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